Helpful Links

CDC Office of Women's Health
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention site with the latest information on women's health & safety issues.

Dotti's Weight Loss Zone
Dotti's Weight Loss Zone is a mega Web site with several hundred pages of weight-loss information. The site has everything from recipes and message boards to recipe archives and comprehensive lists of foods & restaurants with nutritional data, including WW point values.

Food Pyramid & Dietary Guidelines
United States Department of Agriculture site which features information on the new food pyramid & its 12 models geared to different people. Also contains online tools and dietary guidelines.

Hungry Girl
Hungry Girl is not a nutritionist, she's just hungry. Hungry Girl delivers fun diet tips and tricks, guilt-free food finds, low-cal recipes, food shockers, reviews, and more.

National Women's Health Resource Center
Information on women's health topics, including news, discussion and health services.
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services site with reliable and current women's healthresource with information on more than 800 topics including fitness, nutrition, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and other issues pertinent to women's health & wellness.

Women's Health: Medline Plus
National Institute of Health site with up to date information on women's health issues.